Disclaimer and Copyright

Disclaimer and rights
When you have access to and use Fynbo Foods’ webpages www.fynbofoods.dk or www.fynbofoods.com, you accept the following:

The purpose of the information at Fynbo Foods’ webpages is solely to inform about Fynbo Foods’ company, organization and products.

At Fynbo Foods, we do everything we can in order to ensure that the information at our webpages is updated and accurate. However, it may appear that some information is not up-to-date or inaccurate. Every decision you make based on information from our webpages are at your own discretion.  Fynbo Foods shall not be liable for any loss or damages which occur as a result of your use of our webpages and the information included.  Further, Fynbo Foods shall not be liable for the content of any third-party webpages which you access from our webpages, e.g. via links.

Fynbo Foods holds copyright and ownership to all information at the webpages, including trademarks, logos and pictures/photos. Information, pictures/photos and other contents of the webpages cannot be reproduced – neither in full or partial – without our prior written consent. Further, no information/content can be copied, redistributed, saved electronically or submitted to an intranet or the like, unless prior written consent has been obtained from us.

This declaration is subject to Danish law. Fynbo Foods reserves the right to change and adjust the content at the webpages on on-going basis.

If you have any questions, please contact Product- & Marketing Manager, Majbritt Groes, mg@fynbofoods.dk

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