CSR - Coperate Social Responsibility

Fynbo Foods assumes social responsibility (CSR) with regard to educational, social, ethical and environmental matters, and supports initiatives that promote care for people and nature.

Inclusive employer

The company has an employee strategy that has objectives within the inclusive labour market. Fynbo Foods always seeks to find the right person for the job, but also to find the right job for the individual concerned. Fynbo Foods has employees in flexible jobs for those that have a reduced ability to work, in addition to which the company acts as a business centre for the local job centre and helps to provide unemployed people with meaningful activities that aim to boost their chances of getting a regular job.

Young people must get an education

Fynbo Foods is highly focused on the need for young people to get an education. The company therefore has clearly defined objectives in the area, and we always have trainees and apprentices undergoing education and training

CSR Code of Conduct

The Danish authorities ensure that Fynbo Foods complies with Danish legislation. However, this is not necessarily the case in all countries; there are countries in which compliance with legislation and international conventions is not a matter of course, but where special efforts must be made to improve the conditions for people and nature. As a consequence, we stipulate a number of requirements in our Code of Conduct to our suppliers concerning compliance with legislation and international conventions, including the UN’s Global Compact and ILO.

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