We can always be better

Fynbo Foods focuses on global climate challenges, and the company has an ambitious goal of reducing its environmental impact by means of carefully targeted reduction of energy consumption per kilogram of product produced. Energy optimisation has been implemented in order to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions and thus its impact on the climate.

All environmental aspects are taken into account when assessing new processes or production plant, and endeavours are made to choose materials with the smallest impact on the environment and minimal consumption of resources. This ensures that Fynbo Foods becomes “greener” every year and thereby retains its position as one of the most sustainable producers in the industry.

We sort our waste

Waste, including recyclable waste, is sorted in line with the rules and regulations of the Danish environmental authorities, and is either utilised or disposed of at a certified reception plant.

Packaging with care

All labels, trays and displays that are used in our production are printed on FSC certified paper and cardboard in a bid to safeguard the natural environment and the social conditions in the forests from where the wood originates.

All our metal lids that are used on our jam jars are also BPA NI, which means that no bisphenol A is added in the production of the metal lids.

Focus on organic

Fynbo Foods is certified by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) for the production of organic foodstuffs. All organic production is inspected by the DVFA in order to enable the use of the mandatory EU organic mark and the Danish Ø logo.

Organic foods are produced according to principles that take the environment and animal welfare into consideration.

Organic production principles help to reduce the total chemical impact on nature.

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Fairtrade with respect for people and nature

Fynbo Foods is certified by Flo-Cert GmbH in accordance with the international Fairtrade Standards. This means that Fynbo Foods is permitted to manufacture products that display the international Fairtrade logo.

Fairtrade is an international labelling system that aims to improve the working and living conditions of some of the world’s poorest farmers in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, in addition to promoting environmental protection. Around 1.5 million farmers and workers benefit from the work of the organisation, which ensures that national agreements on minimum wages and working conditions are met and that positive development is created, for instance through the building of schools or investments in enhancing farming methods.

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