Working areas

Every day, our employees put in tremendous effort to develop, produce, sell, and promote our various fruit and vegetable-based products. Our employees handle a wide range of tasks and come from diverse professional backgrounds. You can learn more about our different work areas below.


Our administrative staff handle legal, HR, IT, and financial matters, covering everything from contracts and hiring to programming and accounting. These employees are experts in their respective fields and typically have a long or medium-length education.

Our work on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability is overseen by our legal chief.

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Supply Chain

The employees in our Supply Chain team handle tasks such as purchasing raw materials, ingredients, and packaging, managing inventory, order processing, production planning, logistics, and customer service. Typically, these employees have completed office-related training or have obtained a long or intermediate-level education.


The employees in the Quality department ensure that the quality and food safety of our products are top-notch, and that we comply with the regulations of the countries where our products are sold. The QEHS department is also responsible for handling complaints and assisting with audits. Typically, employees in this department have backgrounds as laboratory assistants or higher education in food science.

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Product Development

The employees in product development create new products in our laboratory. They also assist the purchasing department in finding new raw materials and ingredients, and they test to ensure these meet our quality standards. Product developers are technical experts when it comes to improving products in production. Typically, these employees have an advanced degree in food science.


The sales employees maintain dialogue with existing customers and establish contact with new ones. They conduct customer visits and participate in trade shows around the world, as our products are distributed in many countries. They typically have a commercial education and are skilled in languages.



The employees in the marketing department plan and carry out all project and marketing activities. This includes everything from activating sponsorships on social media, the web, advertising, brochures, and creating various design elements and photos. Typically, these employees have a background as media graphic designers or have received higher education in marketing.


The employees in our technical department help ensure that all our machines run smoothly and are properly maintained. It's also the technical department that plans and oversees any expansions of the machine park. In our technical department the employees typically have qualifications as electricians, automation mechanics, blacksmiths, or mechanical engineers.



In our production, several different functions are carried out. Process operators manufacture our products in large pots, where recipes and procedures must be followed. Industrial operators oversee the filling of products into various packaging and ensure that everything is correct. Additionally, we have a range of functions that precede production, including goods receiving, sorting, and preparation. There are both skilled and unskilled employees in the production.


The employees at the various warehouses ensure the logistics management of raw materials, packaging, or finished products. We have both skilled and unskilled workers at our warehouse.

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