Sweet News

At Fynbo we are happy to share the sweet news that we have made our products and design even better. We have, among other things, decided to use only Fairtrade sugar in our new range of Fynbo products. It both feels good and tastes good.

In terms of design, we bring the Fynbo family together so that you can easily identify our tasty products. So whether you are into our organic series, the selection of Delight jams with no added sugar, the special Gourmet series, our range AllFruit or just the good, well-known Fynbo, you can easily find it on the shelf with our new contemporary and sweet design.

Spread some Sweetness

Many people know our tasty products. But at Fynbo we also want to be more than the taste of lovely jam. We have an attitude towards life and each other. And we appreciate the sweet things in everyday life. The simple things that make life great. A smile, a caring gesture, a comforting hug and some sweet jam. At Fynbo, we believe in the joy and sweetness in life.

Our jams make the world a little sweeter and we have made it our mission to do so exactly the same. That's why we say Spread some Sweetness.

You are the sweetest

Every day we spread sweetness with all our products, and to spread even more joy, we have also chosen to send sweet messages on the lid.

There are a number of different smiling messages, so everyone can find their own little favorite.

Enjoy, put on a smile and Spread some Sweetness.

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