Welcome to Fynbo Foods

Fynbo Foods first saw the light of day in 2002, when four former colleagues from the jam industry and I founded the company.

Our aim was to establish a major enterprise in Northern Jutland in Denmark, which in the longer term would be able to make its presence felt on the market for fruit and vegetable-based food, whilst raising quality standards and promoting healthier and more sustainable products.

A high level of business ethics, innovation, open dialogue, efficiency and the best employees have enabled us to achieve the position of market leader within areas such as organic, Fairtrade and private labels. It would not have been possible to achieve this development and position, of which we are immensely proud and grateful, without the support of consumers, customers and suppliers.

Richard Fynbo

The History of Fynbo

Fynbo Foods began life in 2002 in brand new production facilities on Sigenvej in Vrå – a small town in the heart of Vendsyssel in the northernmost part of Denmark. It is an area of rich countryside and strong traditions for the production of jams and marmalades.

As demand has risen, our production facilities have been expanded on an ongoing basis and many new employees have been recruited over the years.

Today, the company has grown to become Scandinavia’s leading jam factory and a well-established, market-oriented food producer. We are proud of the support of consumers and not least of being market leaders with respect to organic and Fairtrade preserves.

All our products continue to be produced at our facility in the attractive region of Vendsyssel.


Mission and Vision

With focus on sustainability and innovation, to produce, market and sell processed fruit and vegetable food products of uniform quality at competitive prices.

On the basis of the above, the company’s mission is to meet the needs of quality-conscious and price-conscious consumers for safe, fresh and great-tasting products, just as we also want to provide retailers with private label products.

Furthermore, the company has a vision to be the retail trade’s preferred business partner in Scandinavia and a supplier of Danish food specialities throughout the rest of the world.


Together we are Responsible and take Action

We generate results through collaboration and open and honest dialogue in which we exhibit trust and respect for each other.

Morals and ethics are key to everything we do. We take responsibility for sustainable development and conduct ourselves with integrity with respect to each other and our stakeholders.

We are diligent and persistent in our endeavours to satisfy the customer and meet our objectives. We don’t cut corners and never put off until tomorrow what we can do today.

Why is the Company Called Fynbo?

In Danish, the name “Fynbo” refers to a person who comes from the green island of Fyn – midway between the eastern and western regions of Denmark. The island is known for its many fruit orchards, and not least as the home of Danish poet and author H. C. Andersen.

So why is the company Fynbo located in Vendsyssel in Northern Jutland…? The explanation is actually quite simple: the founder of Fynbo is Richard Fynbo.


The Fynbo Organisation

Fynbo Foods is a well-organised and structured company that is owned and operated by professionals with a wealth of experience in the industry. In order to achieve optimum efficiency and rapid lines of communication, the organisation has a very flat hierarchy.

Fynbo Organisation