To Suit All Tastes

Everyone is different and has different tastes and needs, which naturally also results in different demands and requirements with respect to food.

At Fynbo, not only do we want to produce and sell products, we wish to develop and deliver taste sensations that meet the individual needs of consumers.

Here you will find an overview of all Fynbo products.

Berries, Fruits and Vegetables from Around the World

The raw ingredients used in marmalade, jam and our other products are sourced from many different places around the world. Some berries, fruits and vegetables can be grown in Denmark. On the other hand, there are many other ingredients that require climatic conditions very different to those found in Denmark.

What all our suppliers have in common is that they are selected and assessed according to the same criteria with regard to food safety and that the same high demands in terms of quality are specified, irrespective of whether the ingredients come from Denmark or abroad.

Non-GMO and free of unwanted allergens
All our ingredients are non-GMO and free of unwanted allergens. The berries are plucked and inspected both mechanically and manually, after which they are frozen in order to preserve their colour, flavour and natural aroma until they are ready to be used in production.

Inspection and traceability
The products are produced on an ongoing basis in line with sales throughout the year. Prior to production, the ingredients are checked once more in order to ensure that they live up to the requirements in our specifications. From each stage of production there is traceability one step up and one step down the value chain.