Spread some Sweetness

At Fynbo we believe life is sweet and every day you have a choice. You can choose to focus on all that is wrong. Or you can choose to see the positives in life. We think that you bring out the best in people when you are sweet and caring, and meet the world with optimism, trust and goodwill.

Our products make the world a little sweeter, and we've made it our mission to do exactly the same. Our products add a little sweetness to life, and we have made it our mission to do exactly the same.

Fynbo embrace the sweetness in life. And we are sweet - because we are people and jam.

Sweetness is not a big thing. It is 1000 little things. It is everywhere around us. A smile, a caring gesture, a comforting hug and some sweet jam. We are optimistic and spread joy to everyone around us.

We hope you feel the same way. That will be sweet of you.

Fynbo - Spread some Sweetness.

A day full of sweetness

In December 2023, in the heart of Aalborg, we hosted a mini-event where we lived out our pay-off "Spread some Sweetness" and brought smiles and joy to the streets of the city. Through interviews, volunteers were allowed to thank those who had enriched their lives with sweetness. It was a day filled with sweetness, gratitude, and community.

Spreadsomesweetness Event Begivenhed Aalborg Fynbo Foods

We also spread sweetness on our lids

We spread sweetness with all our sweet products, and to spread even more joy, we have also chosen to send sweet messages on the lid. There are a number of different smiling messages, so everyone can find their own little favorite.

Enjoy, put on a smile and Spread some Sweetness.

Fynbo Laag Beskeder