Welcome to Fynbo

At Fynbo we love sweetness. And we are happy to share that feeling with many consumers. Today we are one of the largest and leading jam producers in the Nordics, and every day the fruit spread, jam and marmalade from Fynbo is enjoyed by consumers in several places around the world.

But Fynbo is more than the taste of sweetness. It is also an attitude towards people and environment. We appreciate the little things in everyday life. The little things that make life great. A smile, a caring gesture, a comforting hug and some sweet jam. To be caring. To be responsible. To be sweet to people.

And we want to take responsibility. When we make jam, we consider nature and the environment in our actions. It is in our nature to care for the world we are a small part of.

Fynbo Marmelade Etiketter Brand

Caring for people and nature

Fynbo is based on responsibility and caring. This especially applies to sustainability. Nature is our prime source for raw materials, and therefore we have a very special responsibility here. Caring for nature is therefore close to the heart of Fynbo.

At the same time, food is also about togetherness. Meals bind us together and provide the space to show care and attention. That little caring that make a big difference. Meals is a sense of belonging and caring for people is a core value for Fynbo.

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The Good Taste of Caring

At Fynbo Foods, we have a passion for quality and good taste. All our products are made from carefully selected fruits and berries and always with nature in mind. Whether you like the classic strawberry jam or other exciting flavors, you can be sure that every bite is a great-tasting experience. Both as a side dish for your regular meals or as a small, delicious snack during the day.

All our products have a fresh and natural taste and are developed with love and care. With Fynbo you get The Good Taste of Caring.