Private Label

In addition to a wide range of Fynbo products, Fynbo Foods is also the leading supplier in the Nordic region for making jam and other products based on fruits and vegetables under the store's own brands.

We work together with our customers to develop Private Label products in terms of quality, packaging, and design, so they match the desired concept.

We can produce your product in various types of packaging. We primarily use glass in many different sizes, but we also use plastic squeeze bottles, foil, and plastic buckets.

Packaging with care

We are working diligently to create sustainable packaging.

All paper labels, cardboard, and displays used in our production are printed on FSC-certified paper and cardboard. This is our way of contributing to the protection of nature and the well-being of the forest workers in the forests where the wood originates.

Furthermore, all our metal lids used on the jam jars are BPA-free, which means that no bisphenol A is added during the production of the lids.

We manufacture RPET squeeze bottles and plastic buckets.

FSC Emballage Packaging

Design and regulations

We are experts in our field. Therefore, we are happy to assist with label designs for your products or proofreading texts in accordance with the regulations in the field.

We are fully informed about labeling rules and regulations and have both a department of graphic designers and a quality department with food specialists who are ready to help you.


Fynbo Foods' management system ensures consistent and effective control of all activities that impact food safety, quality, and the environment. The system is regularly updated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Through training and education, we motivate our employees to actively participate in the work related to food safety, quality, and the environment. Systematic operational control is carried out to ensure that all activities with significant impact on food safety, quality, environment, and occupational health are monitored and managed.

Fynbo Foods maintains a high level of hygiene, and awareness of quality and knowledge of food safety are continuously strengthened through employee training and competence development.

The modern factory premises and process equipment fully comply with the requirements of the EU's Hygiene Regulation, and regular reviews help ensure that products are always manufactured under good hygienic conditions and in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice.

Fynbo Foods' Quality Manual is based on the internationally recognized HACCP principles, as established according to the guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and is certified according to the recognized food standards, BRC - Global Food Standard and IFS - International Food Standard.

Fynbo Foods is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which continuously supervises the production facilities. In addition, an annual factory audit is conducted by an independent accredited certification body. Fynbo Foods is also approved by some of the largest retail chains' own quality inspectors. Regular review and evaluation of products, manufacturing processes, quality management systems, and training activities ensure optimal food safety and product quality.


Fynbo Foods is authorized by the Danish Food Authority to produce organic foods. All organic production is inspected by the Danish Food Authority. Organic foods are made following principles that consider the environment and animal welfare. The principles of organic farming help reduce the overall chemical impact on our environment.



Fynbo Foods is certified by Flo-Cert GmbH according to international Fairtrade standards. This means that Fynbo Foods is allowed to produce products carrying the international Fairtrade label. Fairtrade is an international labeling program aimed at improving the working and living conditions for some of the world's poorest farmers in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and promoting environmental protection.


We say what we do – and do what we say

At Fynbo Foods, ethics are a high priority. Morality and credibility are key factors in every action. In addition to complying with current legislation and regulations, we wish to be a company that can be trusted and sees itself as an honest and professional business partner which makes a point of ensuring that any agreements reached are always honoured.