Jobs at Fynbo Foods

In the section below, you can read about some of the working areas that are found at Fynbo Foods. If you can see yourself as a member of the Fynbo team, we hope you will apply for one of our vacant positions or send us an unsolicited application via our application form.


As an employee in Administration you will be working with legal matters, HR, IT and finance. The employees are specialists in their field, and duties may involve contracts, appointing new employees, programming and bookkeeping.


Supply Chain

The employees in our Supply Chain team are charged with purchasing raw ingredients and packaging, logistics, customer service and planning of our production.


In our Quality department the employees ensure that the quality of our products and food safety are in order, and that we comply with legislation with respect to each country. The quality department also deals with claims and assists with audits. The employees in the department typically have backgrounds as laboratory technicians or hold a degree in food science.



In the Marketing department all project and marketing activities are planned and executed – all the way from activation of sponsorships to social media, websites, advertisements, brochures and production of various design elements and photos. The employees typically have a background as media graphic designers or a degree in marketing.


The employees in Sales are in contact with new and existing customers concerning the sale of our products. Sales employees often have to travel to trade fairs or make visits to customers, as our products are sold in many countries. They typically have a commercial qualification and good language skills.


Product Development

The employees in Fynbo Foods’ Product Development develop new products in our laboratory. They also help the purcasers to find new types of ingredients and test that our ingredients live up to our quality requirements. They are also product specialists for Production when product optimizing is needed. The employees typically have a degree in food science.


In Production there are many different jobs such as process and industrial operators. They produce our products in large pots, where recipes and procedures must be followed. Each production line also has operators that follow the filling of the products into different types of packaging and check that everything is correct in terms of packaging and labelling. Production has positions for both skilled and unskilled employees.



At Fynbo Foods we have one stock area for raw products, one for packaging and one containing finished goods. The employees working in these stock areas ensure logistics handling of the raw products, packaging or finished goods. All items are subject to electronic stock control. Both skilled logistics operators and unskilled workers are employed in the Stock department.


As an employee in the Technical department you help to ensure that all our machines run in the optimum manner and are properly maintained. It is also the Technical department which plans and manages any upgrades or expansions of the facility. We have electricians, electrical technicians and smiths in our Technical department.